Book review: 8/10
Category: Romantic suspence
Published in:English
Binding:Mass Market Paperback


Never get in the way of a mission

The job was supposed to be dead easy -- hand-deliveler some legal papers to the billionaire philanthropist Harry Van Dorn's extravagant yatch, get his signature and be done. But Manhattan lawyer Genevieve Spencer soon realizes she's in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that the publicly benevolent playboy has a sick, vicious side. As he tries to make her his plaything for the evening, eager to use and abuse her intil he discards her with the rest of his victims, Genevieve must keep her wits if she intends to survive the night.

But there's someone else on the ship who knoes the true depths of Van Dorn's evil. Peter Jensen is far more than the unassuming personal assistant he pretends to be -- he's a secret operative who will stop at nothing to ensure Harr's deadly Rule of Seven terror campaign dies with him. But Genevieve's presence has thrown a wrench into his plans, and now he must decide whether to risk his mission to keep her alive, or allow her to become collateral damage...

My review: This is another amazing book from her "Ice" series...The story and the romance are very well written....the story holds you until the end...and you will wish for more when you get to the final page.This story is not only about one of the Stuart's Bad Boys but also about the heroine.Genevieve is a wonderful and strong characther,she never gives up and she's always fighting back...It was also good to watch the Iceman's (Peter Jensen) heart getting melt... :)


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