Book Review: 6/10
Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 333
Date: 1999-03-01
ASIN/ISBN: 0451408691
Publisher: Onyx


A Shadowed Past

In the wealthy MacDowell family, adopted daughter Carolyn Smith always felt like an outsider. But as she tends the dying MacDowell matriarch, Aunt Sally – the only mother she’s ever known – Carolyn hopes her aunt will find peace. Then Alex MacDowell walks into their lives.

A Dark Secret

Wild and spoiled, Aunt Sally’s son Alex ran away eighteen years ago. Now he has returned – to his loving mother, and to a large inheritance. The headstrong bad boy of the family always stirred mixed feelings of jealousy and desire in Carolyn, but her heart holds a deadly secret. This compelling man can’t be Alex – because on the night Alex “disappeared”, she saw him murdered.

A Deadly Threat

Held in terror, Carolyn kept silent for years. Now as she works to expose his true identity, she uncovers a tangled web of hidden secrets and lies. But Carolyn suspects that the seductive power of this dark and dangerous man could be the biggest threat of all …

After reading some of her books (The Ice series) I thought that this book had the same kind of story...but the fact is that this book is not like the others...the story is very intriguing...All the suspence to know who is this man claiming to be Alex MacDowell and who really tried to kill him in the past it will keep you reading and reading...


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