Book review: 6/10
Published in:English
Binding:Mass Market Paperback


Book Description:

Rule #1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up.

Once bitten, twice shy, and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead, but she's here to stop a killer from turning this vampire into dust, not to jump into bed with him.

Rule #2: Never kiss a vampire . . . it can be a pain in the neck.

Okay, so Vincent's had four hundred years to perfect his kissing skills, and he does look rather tempting when he runs around the house shirtless. He's also charming, protective . . . did we mention he can kiss? Jackie needs to be on her guard, or else she'll have to come up with a new rule: If you're going to fall in love with a vampire, make sure it's a bite to remember.


Well, I've always liked vampire stories. When I began my aventure through Bookmooch I was caught in new stories, like this one.

This is not only about the romance between the main characthers but also about a solving crime. The Argeneau family bring's us a new kind of stories about vampires. I didn't even knew that vampires could eat!

We meet Private Investigator, Jackie Morrisey who was hired by Vincent's cousin to protect him because there was someone who was trying to kill the sexy Vincent. After having been seduced and betrayed by a vampire when she was younger Jackie didn't felt so ar ease working with Vincente, specially when she has attracted to him.

Vincent wasn't very happy at the beggining to work with Jackie because she wasn't a vampire ans specially because she was a woman. But the real reason was that he was attracted to her. She makes feel things, wish for things that he tought that weren't possible...

And then he finds out that Jackie is his soul mate...and then she almost dies saving his life...

If you're into dark, suspenseful romance you will love it.


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