Audiobook review: 5/10
Language: English

For 15 years, Danny has been living with a group of orphan thieves, masquerading as a boy, but now, thanks to one highborn rogue, she has lost the only home she's ever known. Determined to make Jeremy Malory pay for trapping her into stealing back his friend's family heirlooms, Danny coerces Jeremy into giving her a respectable job as his new upstairs maid. Jeremy would rather that she become his mistress, but all he can convince her to do is pretend to be his new romantic interest in order to save him from a marriage-minded heiress. While Jeremy and Danny indulge in their little game of seduction, Danny is recognized by the man who killed her parents and thought he had also done away with their young daughter.

The only book by Johanna Lindsey that I've read was Captive of My Desires and to me it wasn't a very special story...So I was a bit suspicious about this one. So I picked the audiobook to listen at the museum where I used to work.

For years Danny, has lived with a small group of orphan thieves disguised as a boy. Now, after being discovered by Jeremy trying to steal his friend's belongings and losing her place at the group of orphans she wants him to pay for what she lost. So he accepts her in his house to work as a maid althought the feelings he has for her grows within each day and he has the wish to make her his mistress. But Danny surprises him by wishing to get marry and to help other orphans by running an orphanage. She is a not a common heroine.

I thought that it was a sweet romance story but not very special.


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