Book review: 5/10
Published in:English
Binding:Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 384

Product Description:

Emmaline Dove has been the perfect secretary for publisher Harrison Marlowe. Keeping the rakish viscount's professional and personal lives running smoothly is challenging, but Emma hopes that, some day, working for Harry will lead to getting her own book published. But so far Harry has rejected Emma's literary efforts, claiming "etiquette books don't sell." When Emma discovers Harrison didn't even bother reading her work, she snaps. Resigning her position, Emma sets out to find someone who will appreciate both her and her writing.

After having read "Guilty Pleasures" I was a bit anxious to start reading this one.
The starts starts with our heroine, Emma Dove resigning her post of secretary of the drop-dead-gougeous publisher Harry Marlowe. She decided to do so because he wasn't willing to publish any of her books. So, she went to ask to one of his competitors for a post in his journal. As soon as she start writing everyone started to comment and follow her advises.
Then, Harry bought his competitor newspaper... Emma and Harry thought that it would be difficult working together because of Harry's opinion about her kind of work. But as they started to get along, Harry discovered that Emma was the only woman that could make him happy.
Having read her previously books, to me, this one didn't looked to be as breathtaking as the others. It was a very simple story of two people who had knon eacther for years but after some life changes they had began to feel more than a friendship for each other.


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