Book review: 7/10
Published in:English
Binding:Mass Market Paperback
Pocket Star

Product Description:

Once, he spurned the woman he loved. The Earl of Wynwood was far too reckless to handle a sophisticated woman like Viviana Alessandri. And the beautiful opera singer was far too famous to make a suitable wife for Wynwood.

Twice, she wagered with her heart. Crushed by Wynwood's refusal to marry, Viviana offered her hand to another, a wealthy count. But fate has a way of playing with lovers' hearts -- and passion has a way of setting them on fire.

Two little lies tore them apart. But now, at a gala affair celebrating Wynwood's recent betrothal, Viviana will get one last chance to win back his love...again...and again.
This was the first book by Liz Carlyle that I read and I must confess that it exceeded my expectations...
This is the second story of a trilogy right after One Little Sin. In this book we have Quin, the Earl of Wynwood and Viviana Alessandri, an Italian opera singer. After a painfull end of their love affair due to the fact that Quin didn't wanted to marry with her, Viviana Alessandri return to Italy to be with her father and to marry with someone else. Because of Quin's rejection she didn't told him that she was carrying his child and she married with another man. But her husband was a cruel and brutal man. Viviana wasn't happy with him. After his death, she decides to go back to England to help her father her father to help create a new opera. And of course she meets Quin again.
9 years later the passion they feel for each other is still there, although they try to denied it, and something even more powerful than a mere attraction blowms. In my opinion this is a very enjoyable, emotional,breathtaking book.


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